Bodycam Video Shows Police Shootout with Alleged Carjacking Suspect

Bodycam Video Shows Police Shootout with Alleged Carjacking Suspect

Make Extra Money by Selling Used DVDs Online

You have a good collection of DVDs and don’t use them too often. These stashed, forgotten DVDs consume a lot of space and serve no useful purpose. Don’t know what to do with them?

Why You Should Do an Opportunity Analysis for Your Business

The purpose of the opportunity analysis is to check whether you are on the right track to success for your business idea. The opportunity analysis has to answer two basic questions: 1. Is there sufficient demand for the product or service? 2. Can the product or service be provided on a profitable basis?

Business Plan for Small Business – Marketing Strategy

When you are thinking of starting a small business and you are ready to move forward – before you spend any money – you must develop a marketing strategy. Marketing drives traffic and traffic drives sales.

3 Areas Where Small Business Can Benefit From Smarter Use of Data

If you are a small or midsized business, it is not enough to simply collect and monitor your customer data. You must know what to do with it and how to apply it to improve business. Here are 3 areas where your data can be put to great use immediately.

Extra Income: 3 Small Businesses You Could Start This Winter

Along with cold weather, winter brings opportunities for entrepreneurs. There are a few businesses that can be started with little capital or experience, and will put money in your pocket for the holiday season. Today’s poor economy is causing people to find creative ways to supplement their income. Why not start this winter with a snow removal business, Christmas light hanging business or greeting card business?