Bodycam Shows Woman Allegedly Assaulting, Threatening to Spit On Florida Police Officer

Bodycam Shows Woman Allegedly Assaulting, Threatening to Spit On Florida Police Officer

Details Can Make or Break Your Acupuncture Practice

We all choose businesses or services because of seemingly inconsequential details. Things like clean bathrooms at your favorite restaurant or being given bottled water while your car is being serviced are small details but they make an impression. Some of those small details save you time or money, or simply make you feel better. It’s how well you handle the details that elevates your acupuncture practice above others.

Small Businesses Are Beautiful – Here’s Why!

Are you lucky enough to run a small business? Do you realise what a brilliant position you are in? Have you raised your eyebrows at me yet?

How To Buy Product for Your Snack Vending Machines

Purchasing snack vending machines for your place of business, whether to make extra revenue from customers or to set up in break rooms for employees, is a process. Once the vending machine is delivered and installed, you need to worry about where your product is coming from, how often and when you are going to have to restock. First, you need to choose the type of product you are going to stock your snack vending machines with.

Why Owning an 800 Number Is Cheaper Than You Think

If you’re the proud owner of a smartphone that comes with a hefty monthly bill, you may be conditioned to assume an 800 number is just as costly, if not more so. However, with landlines becoming obsolete and long distance fees a fear of the past, the cost of owning and maintaining an 800 number is likely to be cheaper than you think.

Top 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Benefit From Virtual Reception Services

Hiring a virtual receptionist firm brings many benefits to small business owners. From more time to lower costs, a business answering service could be a boon to your business from many angles. Learn more by reading this article.