Bodycam Shows Police Tasing Armed Woman in Florida Walmart

Bodycam Shows Police Tasing Armed Woman in Florida Walmart

Tips on How to Choose a Fair and Honest Credit Card Payments Processor

Bank or independent representative, that is the question. Here are some tips on making the correct choice when it comes to your merchant account and credit card processing needs.

Minding Your Business

Minding your business is a short look into the many aspects to minding, or managing, your business. The things that nearly every business owner is aware of, and perhaps a few things you never thought about!

My Professional Opinion on Smartphone Credit Card Payment Technology

When you upgrade your equipment, make sure to take advantage of being able to accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet as well as standard mag strip and chipped credit cards. It may increase your sales.

Booklet Tips – Sound Bites Are Great

Imagine writing a bunch of how-to tips, simply telling people what to do and why to do it, all in about 40 words, based on a particular theme. Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? It can be, and it can also be difficult to write something useful and meaningful in so few words. That’s the starting point. The bigger question is what do you do with those tips, those sound bites once you’ve captured them?

Why Pipe Tally Books Are Necessary

As a mainstay of interstate commerce, oil drilling, and numerous other industries, the tally book has become an indispensable part of many workman’s uniforms. The book is especially used in the field of oil exploration and drilling, requiring that it remain convenient in design and accessibility in order to achieve its user’s note keeping and measurements with the utmost of ease.