Bodycam Shows Police Shootout with Man Who Crashed Into Florida Synagogue After High-Speed Chase

Bodycam Shows Police Shootout with Man Who Crashed Into Florida Synagogue After High-Speed Chase

Start-Up Business Financing – Look To Crowd Funding

Free money for your start-up business? Don’t laugh. It is out there and might be right where both you and your potential customers spend a lot of time.

Favors for Friends – Do’s and Don’ts for a Small Business Owner

Nothing makes a person feel better than knowing that they were able to help out a friend in their time of need. Small business owners are often in the unique position of being called upon by many a friend to provide them with their goods or services at a reduced cost or in a manner that you would not typically agree to if the request was made by your average ordinary customer (who was not your friend). Oftentimes, the business owner is faced with the dilemma of offending a dear friend or hurting their small business. Below are some good rules of thumb to use when deciding whether or not you will be able to grant the request of your friend.

International Shipping Companies – A Brief Glimpse

The significance of international shipping companies, in the modern business field, is quite incomparable. These companies provide services in many fields such as safe and quick transit of domestic goods, transit of cars and other vehicles, commercial transportation of goods and so forth.

QR Codes: Can They Help Market My Business?

The QR codes are taking the small business world by storm. Learn how your company QR code can bring new customers to your business.

Mission Not Impossible – Launching a Small Business

Starting a small business can seem like an impossible thing to many people. It is often a struggle just to come up with a marketable idea let alone consider filling out the necessary government forms to register your business as well as the bank forms to set up an account, putting together a viable business plan, renting and remodeling (if necessary) buildings, gathering needed equipment and supplies, working out a marketing plan, and procuring the needed financial backing.