Bodycam Shows Police Shootout Between LAPD, Allegedly Armed Man

Bodycam Shows Police Shootout Between LAPD, Allegedly Armed Man

Hawkers at Art Shows: Boon or Bane?

When you think about the last craft show that you attended either as a customer or as an artist, what do you remember? Did you enjoy strolling through one artist’s booth after another, stopping to view the unique and one of a kind pieces that you can only find at these events? Did you enjoy the aroma of home baked goodness wafting from the food area? What about the raucous and loud sounds of the man yelling at you to stop and buy a raffle ticket? Chances are, the hawkers at the art show are not something that you remember fondly, especially if you are an artist whose booth is next to one of them.

Promotional Pens – An Economical and Result Oriented Way of Business Promotion

Business promotion by distributing promotional products is one of the successful and cost-effective ways that can increase your sales to a great level. Promotional pens are widely used gift items that businesses and organisations of all types prefer to distribute.

Contract Financing – A Look At Factoring For Contract Finance

Is contract financing right for you? Many small and medium sized business owners ask this question when bidding on a lucrative government contract. Winning a contract can put a huge strain on your working capital when increased demands for supplies, payroll, and other expenses accumulate with the new contract.

Cash Flow Maintenance

Needing additional cash but running out of business funding ideas? All businesses need to maintain a certain level of cash on hand at any given time to be used in whatever purpose. But, sometimes, your small business tends to demand more cash at the worst possible time. Your small business might need additional funds to begin work on a new project when there’s not enough cash available at the same time.

How Paydex Scores Affect How You Obtain Business Credit

If you are like many business owners, you have never even heard of Paydex, much less fully understand how this number is the key to how to obtain business credit based solely on your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and not on your social security number. Learn how to build a solid Paydex score and you will learn how to establish credibility your company needs to access the best options for business loans.