Bodycam Shows Police Shooting an Active Shooter in Albuquerque

Bodycam Shows Police Shooting an Active Shooter in Albuquerque

Same Service, Different Day – Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing? Really? Cloud based applications aren’t all that new, but the marketing sure makes it seem so.

Streamlining Your Small Business to Save Money

Businesses of all sizes have opportunities to save money and the smartest entrepreneurs look for and take advantage of these. By simplifying operations, even the smallest businesses can save a substantial amount of cash, which can be reinvested for future growth. Entrepreneurs should constantly scan their business environments for these opportunities and take action to move their organizations toward success.

8 Tips for Small Businesses to Avoid Liquidation

Liquidation is an insolvency process that is applicable only to companies. It is different from bankruptcy, which involves individuals. Liquidation needs an appointed liquidator to wrap up a limited company’s affairs. Once completed, the company will no longer be in existence. Here we offer 8 tips to help you avoid liquidation.

Key Strategies to Successfully Differentiate Yourself From Everybody Else

In online marketing, one of the most powerful elements is to determine something that will set you apart from the rest. You may be thinking, “But Livvie, I’m just like everybody else. I don’t really have anything that sets me apart.”

Key Strategy to Building Relationships – Give the Client What They Want

No matter what type of business you’re in, to survive, thrive and grow, you must always be building solid, trustworthy, relationships with your clients. But at times, that might seem easier said than done. As a coach, many times we have clients hire us for what they want, as they see it, that will “fix a need” they have or will help move them towards achieving their goals.