Bodycam Shows Police Shoot Man Who Pointed a Cane at Officers, Mistaken For a Gun

Bodycam Shows Police Shoot Man Who Pointed a Cane at Officers, Mistaken For a Gun

Industrial Design Ideas: The Past to the Present

Amongst the many aisles of a department or grocery store, you will always or more often than not come across that one aisle with objects and whatnots covered in dust and worse, cobwebs. While the most common commodities such as food, candies, and liquors are being flooded by customers, the ones on the back usually are the neglected ones – the rejects.

Over 50 And Want To Run A Successful Small Business? Create That Business Plan!

If you are over 50 and want to run a successful small business, drop everything right now and create that business plan! Since nobody starts a business wanting to fail, it is a sad fact of life that failure happens. Sometimes this is due to circumstances beyond our control and sometimes we let our age bar us because we think we don’t have the right skills. This article will show how anybody, at any age, can create a business plan – even if you are over 50!

IRS Audit Update: Your QuickBooks Data File Is Under Review!

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has continued to step up its audits and scrutiny of small businesses. At first, one might ask, why would the IRS spend so much time and effort going after the small fish? The last several years people have heard how the IRS is ramping up and targeting the small guy. Why not spend more time auditing larger corporations which make more profit? If you would like to know why and what you can do about it please read on!

Social Media for Small Businesses – Using It Well

There are several businesses which have plenty of help, but are unable to optimise it and leverage it fully. Social media is among the main forms of exposure for a small business, and using it well can help you do a whole lot with relatively little effort.

Should Your Business Be Paying for an Expensive Website?

Should your business be fronting a ton of money for an expensive website? Learn about whether or not your business should be using a free/cheap website.