Bodycam Shows Maryland Police Pepper Spraying Handcuffed Teenage Girl

Bodycam Shows Maryland Police Pepper Spraying Handcuffed Teenage Girl

The Benefits of Having Action Plans In Your Business Plan

Entrepreneurs, knowing that careful business planning can improve their chances for success, try to employ many of the corporate planning concepts and techniques used by large companies. The terminology itself can be confusing. Terms like strategies and action plans can be difficult to grasp for a businessperson involved in planning for the first time.

Significance of Company Reviews to the Growth of a Company

Company reviews are the “stepping stone” for the successful growth of a company. Just developing a website and increasing the traffic of the website will not ensure a 100% development of a company.

Tips for Small Businesses in a Bad Economy

  The current recession has been long and widespread, and for many business owners and managers, it seems that there is no way out. To make matters worse, it seems to be the case that small businesses have been hit the hardest. Many small businesses – both physical businesses and online companies – have been forced to close up shop in the past few years because of the dramatic decrease in consumer spending over the past few years.

Make Each Patient Visit a Perfect Play

Just for fun, try approaching your practice the same way for a moment. Each day begins a new game and each interaction with a patient or prospective patient is a play within that daily game. Maybe you have 20 plays a day right now or possibly you have 80 plays per game. As well, at any given time in your office, there may be 2, 3, 4 or even 10 plays running at one time. There may be a person checking in, a person on the phone, a person getting an adjustment and someone getting a massage; that right there is 4 plays that are being executed at one time within your office. And while everyone has a role on the team to ensure each play is executed perfectly, in this article I want to focus on where every play begins… at the front office.

The Goodness of Small Business CRM

For a small business, for even a start up, it is most essential that every bit of information and all details on every customer are maintained for easy retrieval. For the smaller businesses which do not have a very large customer universe, there is absolutely no scope to lose clients or to service them with anything less than perfection.