Bodycam Shows Kentucky Police Shoot Suspect Who Allegedly Shot at Officers

Bodycam Shows Kentucky Police Shoot Suspect Who Allegedly Shot at Officers

Starting a Business Can Be Fun and Difficult

Starting your own business can be hard. It takes time, patience and dedication. But if you put the work in, it sure can be worth the stress and hard work.

The Revenue Generators Part One

Marketing, branding, advertising and sales are keys to success all focused on creating one thing, revenue. They are the team that creates the revenue. In a way, they are the steam that runs the engine of small business success.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Flagstones

Has your building contractor suggested on the use of flagstone for rebuilding your house? Whether s/he has recommended its usage for creating walkway, patio, or landscaping, you should know what it is all about.

Are You Reactive Vs Proactive?

There may be areas where you are more “in charge” and yet upon further introspection there may not be as much distinction as initially thought: personal, business, career, family, friends, spiritual, etc. Your willingness to take a look at the reactive/proactive aspects of your life is a positive step toward taking control of your life.

Why Are Shareholder Meetings Important?

Closely held corporations (including Nevada and Delaware LLC’s) tend to have numerous characteristics in common. Some of these characteristics are either fine or acceptable. However, some of the characteristics place the closely held corporations in severe peril. You will find articles in this section that discuss many of these characteristics and what to do to correct and/or prevent them. This article focuses on one aspect of corporate governance.