Bodycam Shows Kansas City Police Shooting Former Detective Who Allegedly Stole an Officer's Gun

Bodycam Shows Kansas City Police Shooting Former Detective Who Allegedly Stole an Officer’s Gun

How to Form A Nevada Corporation – Online by Yourself

There are many advantages to forming a Nevada Corporation. The main reason is for protection. To protect your personal assets from coming under attack by some money grubbing scoundrel that tries to sue your company.

Find the Best Merchant Account for Your Small Business

How to Find the Best Merchant Account for you and your small business? When examining the many options available to merchants who are considering whether to start accepting credit cards at their business, I understand how quickly it can become overwhelming. This guide offers some simple advice on how to find the best merchant account for you and your small business.

Project Management Software for Your Small Business

For some companies Project Management Software is how they keep their business flowing smoothly. It’s the perfect glue that holds everything together. When your business starts to expand into various projects and sometimes into other cities, you need a way for communication to stay just as if everyone were in the same room.

Franchised or Non Franchised Janitorial Service Provider? That Is the Question

Many options exist when choosing the office cleaning company you will use, but one major consideration should be whether to use a franchised cleaning company or a non-franchised janitor service. The difference between the two can be huge and it’s worth your time to look at the benefits and challenges that come with using each type of service.

Attention, Accessibility and Availability: How These Words Are Changing The Global Marketplace

The “Marketplace”, (as we call it), is a dynamic and constantly changing entity. It grows and decays. It expands and contracts. It adapts to changes in its environment (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental). It is a living and breathing macrocosm made up of living and breathing microcosms. Like any living entity, in order for the macrocosm to survive; there must be some critical mass of healthy and striving microcosms within it. As an economist, strategic planner and small business advocate, my job is to do what I can to make (and keep) the microcosms healthy and fit.