Bodycam: Houston Police Shoot Man Who Allegedly Broke Into Elderly Couple's Home, Attacked Them

Bodycam: Houston Police Shoot Man Who Allegedly Broke Into Elderly Couple’s Home, Attacked Them

How to Run a Taxi Business: Why You Need to Have an Application for Potential Employees

What do you do when somebody shows up at your taxi office and asks if you are hiring? You do not want them to fill an application on the spot, because you do not want them to be in a hurry. You want them to answer all the questions on the application thoroughly and carefully.

How to Run a Taxi Service: Tips on Selecting Great Employees

In your taxi service you need to introduce a system for finding the right people, for interviewing potential employees and choosing those that you want to work for you. If you look at everything in your company – cars, office, marketing, – pretty much all of it can be copied. The only thing that can’t be copied ever, even theoretically, is your stuff, is your employees.

3 Tips To Get Tons More Referrals For Your Small Business

Learn how to get tons of referrals from your customers by using these 3 keys to motivating your customers to give you more. Then you can say goodbye to cold calling and networking forever.

3 Places To Find All The Small Business Customers You Will Ever Need

If you are finding it hard to find new customers in this economy – you are not alone. Yet there are places that you can find all the customers you will ever need for your small business. Learn how to tap into these 4 sources so that you can have all the sales you will ever want for your business.

Business Owner or Employee – Is the Grass Greener?

I am in the business of helping people buy and sell businesses. So many future business owners currently work for someone else. Very often the thought process is that one would enjoy their professional career if they “worked for themselves”. Is it better to be an employee or be a business owner?