Attorneys Present Closing Arguments in 'Dog Killer' Civil Trial

Attorneys Present Closing Arguments in ‘Dog Killer’ Civil Trial

Small Business Tips: Taking Small Steps, Making Big Changes!

What can you do Today, Next Month and Next year that will change your business? Here are some tips on how to take small and large steps towards a completely new business by next year.

Start Your Home Business With Accounting In Mind

Far too often I have seen way to many people get themselves in all sorts of trouble with the Tax Man simply because they thought accounting was either too hard or would work out in the long run. Yes as we know in most cases Accounting is not going to help you make more money, but it could save you from paying out extra money in fines or loss of cash due to no proof of purchases.

Custom Facebook Landing Pages

If you don’t have a custom designed Facebook Page for your business Facebook Page, consider getting one. It’s a great place for new visitors to ‘land’ when they check out your Page.

A Disruptive Change in How We Stay Competitive in Business

We are currently experiencing one of the most disruptive technological revolutions in 30 years. This change is advancing the way we do business, and with it, is requiring businesses to change the way they compete.

Business Plan Writing for the SBA

This article focuses on how to provide a business plan for the Small Business Administration. It also focuses on how you can raise capital from a number of different capital sources.