Attorney Alleges Johnny Depp's Career was Declining Before Amber Heard's Op-Ed

Attorney Alleges Johnny Depp’s Career was Declining Before Amber Heard’s Op-Ed

8 Ways the Government Can Help Your Small Business

The government may seem indifferent to the needs of small businesses, as it rolls along spending like there’s no tomorrow while small banks and businesses struggle to just keep up. There are some ways that the government can help, however, and here are a few of the top sites to look for guidance on everything from business plans to building plans. 1) The granddaddy of them all, the Small Business Association, offers general advice about starting a business, along with counseling, mentoring, SCORE teams, and how to apply for loans, government contracts, and…

Where Did All the Start-Up Cash Go?! How to Create a Retrospective Cashflow Statement

What are the benefits of producing backward looking cashflow statements?! Surely the year to date profit statement plus 90 day cash projection looking forward is enough? It’s worth checking out if operations are anything more than straightforward. Start-ups for example might want to know what happened to their venture capital cash – something not immediately obvious from usual format reports. Also, new cash flow ratios can reveal useful insights into liquidity, profitability, financial stability in addition to those based on a profit and loss. Here are the why’s and how’s of such a report.

Passive Income And Your Business

Unfortunately at it’s very heart, the term “passive income” is really meaningless, and so the general use of the term to describe income that you do not have to work for, has most certainly expanded beyond it’s core meaning. The reality is that in order to earn income there is always work. Now of course you could have others do the work and you sit back and get the income, but usually this requires money, which you had to earn somewhere. In either case it is possible to generate income that appears to be passive income, at least at some point…

Social Marketing for Small Business – It’s Not Magic

There’s no magic formula when it comes to small business social marketing, no wand to wave saying: Make me Money! However, there are key ingredients to social media success that business owners will want to implement. We think of them as the three C’s, and without them, your social media efforts might be entirely forgettable.

Marketing Your Childcare Business

Every business knows the value of advertising their business. Only through advertising, can one ensure that your presence is known by those who are interested in your goods or services. For the Child Care business, advertising is no different either. When you start your business, not many people know about you or your services. It is therefore very important to have a marketing plan to advertise your services. A Marketing plan does not come as an afterthought, it begins right at the time that you are planning to start a location. You have to ensure that your clients, i.e. parents are willing to come to your location.