April Fool's Prank Leaves Man With Tattooed Forehead! | Full Episode | Personal Injury Court

April Fool’s Prank Leaves Man With Tattooed Forehead! | Full Episode | Personal Injury Court

What Is Lindane Exposure?

Lindane is a type of insecticide that is considered to be toxic in nature, and is used to treat the seeds of certain crops including: oats, wheat, barley, rye, sorghum, and corn. This chemical is often compared to DDT and has similar compounds which, since the 1970s, have been banned across the globe. Lindane is currently banned in roughly fifty two countries around the world.

Do You Have Anosmia?

The loss of the sense of smell is known as Anosmia. This condition can be temporary or may be permanent and is usually due to an injury to the head or brain, exposure to chemicals, or an illness. Anosmia has the potential to become fatal due to the fact that a person with the condition will not be able to smell and could consume food that is spoiled or may not be able to identify the smell of smoke in a building that is on fire.

What Is Osteolysis Disease?

Osteolysis disease is a condition that occurs when certain types of particles, usually microscopic pieces of plastic, ceramic, or metal, come off of a knee or hip implant due to wear and tear. This then causes the immune system to produce a reaction that causes living bone tissue to be reabsorbed by the body. Osteolysis disease can also lead to the formation of holes in the bones, which can then cause severe weakness of the bones. When this happens, implants become loose, and bones begin to break. Patients who develop this condition because of a knee or hip implant typically require surgery to correct the issue.

What Is Intussusception?

Intussusception is a disorder that is somewhat rare, but quite serious in nature. When it occurs, part of the intestine, usually the colon or the small intestine slides into another portion of intestine. This sliding is referred to as “telescoping” and usually causes the intestine to become blocked, thus keeping fluids and food from being able to pass through. Intussusception can also cause the affected portion of the intestine to lose blood supply. This is the most common reason for infants who suffer with intestinal obstruction. Children who have intestinal issues tend to be harder to diagnose and often have no known cause.

Find Out When It Is Possible to Make a Product Liability Claim

Product liability is an area of law which has proven to be particularly helpful to many people across Britain and the rest of the world in their hour of need. Although the safety values of most products, especially those available in the UK, has improved a great deal in the last few years, there remain instances when the poor design of manufacturers can result in the injury of consumers; when this is the case, the affected party deserves compensation. Sharp edges and other components can sometimes cause severe cuts and lacerations to the body which, although you may…