Animal Attorney Strikes Again! - Dog Days #5

Animal Attorney Strikes Again! – Dog Days #5

How Critical Is Cloud Computing For Small Businesses And Startups?

How critical cloud computing is to *any* business – startups or otherwise – depends entirely on the business itself – on its needs and goals and on its policies and strategies. It is far from certain that all businesses need cloud services.

Want to Set Up a Storage Company?

Many companies and individuals alike are well aware that storing important information and personal possessions can give peace of mind and protect against accidental damage or theft. While the traditional means of safeguarding these items are still in use, many have also turned to offsite storage, as this option offers many added benefits. It is necessary to examine a few of the top reasons why secure, third party storage is often times the preferred option.

Saving a Good Employee

Did your best office help recently have a baby and she wants to stay home with the new one? Or, does she have three children and can’t afford day care? This can be a real dilemma for a small business. Good dependable employees are sometimes hard to find and keep, especially if they are already productive. Maybe you can figure out how to keep that special employee by allowing them to work from home.

Business Resources: Are Videos a Good Marketing Tool?

If you think about it, we are really a visual society.Movies, television, computers, iPhones all require us to see something, so why not use this to your advantage in business? Making short informative videos gives you additional exposure, but also mentors or educates your audience. It can even increase your profits over time.

How to Set Up a Candy Store for Success

Would you like to create your own small business empire? It can start right now by opening up your own candy store! Read more…