Amber Heard's Witness Entertainment Consultant Testifies in Defamation Trial (Depp v Heard)

Amber Heard’s Witness Entertainment Consultant Testifies in Defamation Trial (Depp v Heard)

Business And Innovation in Small Business

Innovation in business is essential for all owner managed businesses to create and sustain growth. Innovation does not have to be high-tech or even expensive, it is often very simple.

Should You Outsource to Freelancers?

This article tries to answer the question of whether you should outsource to freelancers or not. Is outsourcing really for you? Is your project suitable for outsourcing? Find out here.

How To Create A Solutions-Based Business

Ouch, I’m in pain over here! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. If you can solve my problem, I will happily give you my time and money.

The Importance of Business Owners in Giving Back to the Community

Albert Einstein once said that “The value of man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.” This saying is true in the sense that most businesses are valued in terms of what they can offer back to the community. Those businesses that act in a philanthropic manner towards the community often develop a good rapport with the community members.

Why Is Cutting Glass So Expensive?

Purchasing a glass cutter machine is a big decision. A business owner, or hobbyist doesn’t want to be wrong on a $2,500 purchase. Money is tight for most frame shops, hardware stores, re-modelers, window manufacturers, repair and maintenance departments. Do some research and buy a better product for less.