Amber Heard's Team Presents Their Closing Arguments in Defamation Trial (Depp v. Heard)

Amber Heard’s Team Presents Their Closing Arguments in Defamation Trial (Depp v. Heard)

How to Respect Employees in a Small Business

When an employee has done a good job they should not only be complimented but also given a financial boost. Incentives for extra special work could be prizes such as tickets to a show, restaurant coupons and so on.

7 Key Steps in Transitioning to Business Ownership

Much has been said about the fall of business ownership and I suspect it will continue to claim the highlight of business ownership. The statistics tell us that businesses start and fail in the United States at an increasingly staggering rate. Did you know that every year, over 500,000 people start a business of some sort, but by the end of the first year, at least 40% of them will go out of business?

Right Brainers Are Not the Only Creative People In the World

Have you ever wondered how certain people come up with some of those great ideas? You have probably considered yourself more of a left brain type person and not very creative. Many people spend their whole life creating music, writing books or making beautiful paintings, while the rest of us just wonder how they did it. Well, new research has been done that gives evidence that shows being creative is a learned skill and not a gift of genetics.

Do I Still Need to Fire My Bank for Small Business Loans?

Small business owners are continuing to experience difficulties in locating commercial real estate loans and working capital. A basic question that commercial borrowers need to confront when this occurs is whether it is necessary to dismiss their current bank and find a new business lending source.

Marketing Research for Small Businesses

Marketing research is used by many companies to ensure the success of their business. Collecting objective data may seem like a mediocre step in the formation of a business but it can be the key to one’s success.