Amber Heard's Photographs Did Not Reflect the Violence She Described: Depp's Attorney Ben Chew

Amber Heard’s Photographs Did Not Reflect the Violence She Described: Depp’s Attorney Ben Chew

Best Business Ideas With Low Investment: The Path to Financial Freedom on a Tight Budget

Virtues like intelligence, dedication, discipline, hardworking, talented, and ambitious are among the qualities that we commonly associate with successful entrepreneurs. We see these merits in a person and we generally see a bright future for them. Sadly though, a lot of people possessing these virtues fail to uplift their lives for one very simple reason, they lack the resources to embark on a potentially wealth building business opportunity.

Sweat Equity Compensation: The Great Talent Acquisition Equalizer

If you can remember back to your old grade school days, employee talent today is often described with the term A, B, or C player. With a B level employee being a basic “Steady Eddie” and quite capable, the zenith of employee types is the A player. These are the individuals who are already coming up with solutions before most have even identified that there is a problem. They are the “holy grail” of employee types and everyone covets them. But why you may ask, and how does one quantify the value that an A employee brings to the table compared to a B or C? McKinsey (of their War for Talent fame) actually created an employee value index based on a set of criteria they use to separate the best from the rest. What they found is that companies who had more A players were historically able to deliver a 22% higher return to shareholders compared to companies with lesser type employees. The bottom line is that better employees increase your bottom line.

How Accounting Software Can Ensure Small Business Owners Have a Happy Christmas!

Christmas time is one of the happiest times of the year for most people. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year for others. With the challenging trading conditions that currently exist there are concerns about the mental state of small business owners heading into this years festive season. This article explains how accounting software and sound financial discipline can help small business owners enjoy a happy Christmas this year.

Check List For Setting Up A Standard Cyber Cafe Business With Minimum Initial Overhead Cost

This article has been specially prepared to guide new people who may want to start this kind of business so that they do not waste their resources on immaterial things at the start of the business and will also help cyber cafe owners who have made one mistake or the other to make necessary corrections. It contains mainly the major things needed to set a cyber cafe business up.

Small Business Web Hosting: Factors To Consider

If you are in the process of launching a website for your small business you are probably also a bit confused about the endless number of hosting options available. With thousands of hosting providers available at the click of a Search button, each of them offering different plans seemingly tailored to small businesses, particulars, e-commerce and almost any imaginable audience, being confused it’s easy. Let’s take a look at the most important factors to consider when choosing a hosting plan for your small business website.