Amber Heard's Friend Joshua Drew Testifies in Defamation Trial (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard)

Amber Heard’s Friend Joshua Drew Testifies in Defamation Trial (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard)

Start-Up Companies: What You Need to Know to Do Business

Starting up a business requires attention to detail and significant planning. Here is what you should keep in mind when forming a new business.

Recognising the Beneficial Versatility of Translation Services

The global economy has provided us with a splendidly versatile spectrum of international marketplaces. This has ensured that multi-national businesses and entrepreneurs are routinely communicating with foreign clients and negotiating deals in languages that are not their birth tongues.

Abundance Is a Mindset – That’s It!

Every time I go to Vegas I am in awe of the outright hugeness of everything! (I know, hugeness likely isn’t a real word, but hey, if Jon Stewart can make up words, so can I!) The money that is spent to build and maintain these incredible structures blows my mind.

7 Facebook For Small Business Barriers To Overcome for Endless Fresh Leads

Facebook for small business has enormous lead generating potential with over 125 billion connections and over 900 million registered users world wide. However only 7% of small businesses have a free Facebook business page. Why is that? This article looks at the 7 specific Facebook barriers small business can readily overcome to help generate an endless supply of fresh new customer leads to grow.

Seven Steps in Selling Your Insurance Agency

The sale of your insurance agency will be one of the biggest decisions in your life. It is important to do it right the first time. The process does not need to be complicated, however, there are some areas to make sure you do your homework.