Amber Heard's Attorney Explains How Johnny Depp Allegedly Defamed Her

Amber Heard’s Attorney Explains How Johnny Depp Allegedly Defamed Her

Starting A Profitable Food Truck Business

A food truck business can be quite profitable as there are a large number of people who regularly eat at mobile eateries. You can start and run a food truck business with considerably less staff than what you would require to run a regular restaurant. It is also less expensive and involves lower overhead costs when compared to a traditional restaurant business.

Importance of IT Support Companies for Small Businesses

There are a number of benefits of outsourcing a business’s IT needs to external IT support companies. This article goes on to discuss the various advantages IT support companies offer small businesses and what small business owners should know about choosing the right IT support company when it comes to meeting their business IT needs.

Positioning Your Small Business for Federal Contracting Success Through Marketing

Most businesses market their products or services to the general public by finding ways to engage prospective customers and drive sales to create and maintain profitability. A big mistake many businesses make as they transition into the federal contracting arena is waiting for customers to find them. Whether in the private or the public sector, the ability to effectively market your business will play a crucial role in your ultimate success.

Why You Need a Social Media Policy

Internal company policies are designed to articulate rules where laws either do not exist or where laws are not specific enough. The legal system is still behind and very slow in catching up to address employee versus employer rights when it comes to Social Media and Facebook, in particular. Understand why your business needs a Social Media Policy and what 4 topics it should cover to help protect you and your employees.

Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Many people call me to discuss that eternal question “what business should I start?” They are often surprised when I answer them by asking them the question “what is your passion?” This is mainly because they think the business they should start and what they love doing are mutually exclusive. Aligning the two can be more fulfilling and more successful.