Amber Heard Testifies On Physical Fights with Johnny Depp (L&C Daily)

Amber Heard Testifies On Physical Fights with Johnny Depp (L&C Daily)

Tips On Buying A Gas Station

Owning a gas station continues to be a stable business. I have worked with many clients on selling and buying gas stations and it is somewhat unique to other industries because the gas and oil industry changes and evolves constantly.

Lease Your Business Premises From Your Superannuation Fund

Instead of renting your business premises from a third party, you can purchase it using your superannuation fund. You then pay rent to your Super Fund and build your wealth, rather than making a landlord rich!

The Realities and Benefits of Ongoing Learning In Franchising Organizations Discussed

Not long ago, I attended a talk for those involved in consulting. Somehow we got onto the topic of information flow from experience and knowledge within the organization, and between the consultant and company executives. I lamented on the tragedy of the 80/20 rule where some executives were just taking up space, hardly even keeping up with relevant nuance in their industry, or reading trade journals. As a former franchisor founder, this has always been a pet peeve of mine.

Improving University Technology Transfer Outreach Efforts by Using Social Media

Technology transfer and licensing are integral to business creation and growth in the US. The push is on in the US to create more jobs, and largely through creating new companies, and expanding small-to-midcap businesses, especially those whose classic markets, such as services, are in upheaval as evidenced in the Federal Government services contractor community.

Data Analysis – A Strategy Which Benefits All Small Businesses

The word ‘data’ had been trending all through 2012, and would most probably continue to do so this year. Our fondness for internet, smartphones and tablets has created a rich vein of data. Our every action creates heaps of data which can be consumed for data analysis.