Amber Heard Testifies on First Time Johnny Depp Hit Her

Amber Heard Testifies on First Time Johnny Depp Hit Her

Tips for Choosing Linens for Your Bed and Breakfast

If you run a bed and breakfast there are so many tiny little details that you will need to decide on in order to create the best experience for your guests and the best value for yourself. What brand of teabags should you use at breakfast? What colour should you paint the walls in the bedrooms? What type of soap and shampoo should you supply for your guests in the bathroom?

Stop Wasting Time on Non-Paying Customers

Make your CRM team aware of the customer details to provide better prospects for sales. It also enhances the customer company interaction.

The Ins and Outs of Ezines

Marketing your business takes on all forms, doesn’t it? Between articles, e-newsletters, blogs, social media, and in-person networking, it’s a never-ending, time-consuming, necessary part of your business. Some of these marketing tools may be more effective for your business than others, but one tool that is effective no matter what line of work you’re in is e-newsletters, or Ezines, as they are often called.

Small Businesses, Hold Them or Sell Them?

At some stage in your business life you will encounter the situation of whether to keep your business or sell it. This can be quite daunting for so many reasons. However, there are some rules you can go by before you make that all important decision.

Your Small Business Goals Are Too Small

It’s tempting to think small when your business is struggling, but there’s never a better time to thinking big. Big goals get big results. Learn how you can set and accomplish big business goals.