Amber Heard Tells Romantic Beginnings of Relationship with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Tells Romantic Beginnings of Relationship with Johnny Depp

5 Business Models to Avoid

Growing your biz can give you the greatest lifestyle on the planet. And on the other hand your whole life can suddenly be turned upside down if things get off kilter and your business can tank.

Beauty Salon Business: The Mindset

Your Salon business depends on your thinking pattern which can breed success or failure. If you want to make a change in your business or personal life, the first thing you must change is your ‘Mindset’. This means you need to change the ways of your thinking, beliefs and habits on a daily basis.

Benefits of Replacing Your Office Voice Mail With an Auto Attendant

When someone calls a business and the lines are all busy or no one answers, basic voice mail does very little to help the caller. An Auto Attendant (Virtual Receptionist) can replace the voice mail and give the caller options rather than just leaving a message.

What Small Canadian Businesses Need to Know About PHSP

Many small entrepreneurs do not know or realize the big benefits that Private Health Services Plan or PHSP provides. Unlike traditional health insurance plans, which are expensive and complicated, PHSPs are cost-effective and virtually hassle-free.

SBA 8A Certification Few Business Practices To Avoid

An 8A application often involves few wrong business practices which are generally rejected by the SBA. Read on to know about the most common business approaches to avoid while applying for 8A certification.