Amber Heard Suffered Estimated $50M Loss in Revenue Since Depp & Waldman’s Statements: Consultant

Amber Heard Suffered Estimated $50M Loss in Revenue Since Depp & Waldman’s Statements: Consultant

Why Waste Collections Are Not Getting Any Cheaper, Despite Increased Recycling

Recycling is increasing in the UK waste management industry, but waste collection services do not seem to be falling in price. This might be due to change in the near future.

Know When To Sell Your Business

Learning when to sell one’s business is paramount to long-term financial and business success. It is said that timing is everything, and this axiom can’t be understated.

Save Time and Money by Building Your Own Website

Many small business owners around the globe are being held back by how much they rely on outsourcing certain aspects of their business model. One of the biggest obstacles to the success of many small businesses is their internet presence. In today’s world it is nearly impossible to achieve anything other then moderate success without an online presence that furthers the company’s branding and strategic marketing.

Prime Government Contractors Slow to Pay Small Businesses Doing the Work – Why?

As a small businessperson once upon a time, I can tell you that I never did quite appreciate the concept of prime government contractors. It seemed like the government was taking an easy way out to fulfill its mandate of hiring small businesses or awarding a percentage of contracts to little companies and not just large corporations. I always felt it was unfair because the prime contractor would bid at a significantly lower price, then scrape off the top 15 to 20%, and then pay us the smaller company the difference, generally about 10% to 20% less than what would have been our lowest possible bid.

How To Have a Great Working Relationship With Your Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are professionals who can help you run your business better. Whether you are a solo small-business owner, or you have a staff, freelancers can augment your team to help you deliver results your clients expect.