Amber Heard Reports Johnny Depp's Alcohol-Fueled Incidents of Rage

Amber Heard Reports Johnny Depp’s Alcohol-Fueled Incidents of Rage

Business Coach: Affiliates

Affiliates are people who promote and sell products for a percentage of a sale. When I coach my clients, I strongly recommend having as a part of their business model. Affiliate programs are successful because both the person who created the product along with the affiliate can make money. The leverage is enormous.

The Scoop on Marketing – 6 Tips for a Successful Business!

In business, marketing is the key to survival. Marketing takes a lot of planning, organizational skills, budget measures and timing. Proper planning and accountability measures will enable you to position your business for success.

Small Business Manufacturers: The Key to New Job Creation!

Small business manufacturers are a key component in CREATING NEW JOBS and I have written this article for the masses, not just for those with advanced business degrees, to help all readers understand its significance. I know that for most, the subject of economics is very boring, however before I go on, it’s important that I briefly touch on a very basic economic principle and I promise to simplify my explanation, so please stay with me.

Small Business Card Payment Solutions

Small businesses have a harder time adapting to the new technology that the world is running on. The fact that fewer people carry cash money in their pockets makes it mandatory for a small business that wishes to remain open to consider card payment solutions. Most small businesses that are owned by older individuals have a hard time understanding these transaction types.

Faith, Action and Determination Required for Business Growth

I talk a lot about building a business around your life. I do so because I think it’s so darn important. As women after 50 we have probably raised our children but we may still have aging parents who need our help. As in the title of this article, it certainly does take faith, action and the determination not to throw in the towel and quit when times get challenging.