Amber Heard Reported Bipolar Disorder & Eating Disorder to Her Nurse

Amber Heard Reported Bipolar Disorder & Eating Disorder to Her Nurse

Family Owned Businesses Rock!

Big companies – are the worth the extra cost? Do they really create enough value to justify charging double the price of everyone else?

Certain SBA Rules That Can Leverage Your Application

An SBA 8A program comprises of strict and stringent rules, which every applicant must adhere. Such rules include the restriction on individual net worth and the access to disadvantage individuals only. However, according to SBA experts and professionals, there a numerous other uncommon SBA rules which an applicant has to qualify in order to get certified and bid for the hugely funded federal contracts.

Why Mobile Credit Card Acceptance Is The FUTURE!

Being in the merchant service industry for over 9 years, I’ve seen a tremendous change in the direction of credit card acceptance. This is the exciting new era of Mobile Device credit card processing! It’s never been easier or more convenient for business owners to offer their customers the advantage of paying for products or services off-site, anywhere, anytime!

Small Businesses Should Brand Their Staff

A cost effective marketing strategy for small businesses is to brand customer-facing staff and company vehicles. Eye catching uniforms and vehicles which clearly display the company brand will significantly help with brand recognition. A great tip to stand out from the competition is to use a particularly clever or amusing slogan on both uniforms and vehicle livery.

Ideas to Help Your Business Display Sunglasses at the Point of Purchase

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are effective ways to increase sales, especially for items like sunglasses. This article contains some tips to help your business discover the advantages of different styles of POP units.