Amber Heard Refused Treatment For Alleged Injuries According to Police Officer

Amber Heard Refused Treatment For Alleged Injuries According to Police Officer

Monitoring What Others Are Saying In Digital Marketing

Looking for some rationale behind your marketing changes? Look in the space around your business online and monitor what others are saying.

Patent Exchange Platform for Patent Buyers

Changing economic trends show that possessing the ownership of specific resources in the industry can give investors the access to future profits. There are many core intellectual property rights that become an intrinsic part of other processes, and that gives opportunity to the patent holders have access to revenue generated from their ownership.

Why Your Small Business or Start-Up Needs A Website

As a small businesses owner you might not think you really need a website. You are running your business face to face with your customers and expect that will always be the way you operate. And this may well be an accurate assumption.

Changes in UK Remittance Will Affect Thousands of Filipinos

There is a news blackout on the changes that will be happening with the UK Remittance Industry in July 2013. However, the following will give you an idea of what will happen.

The Point of Creating a Mission Statement For Your Business

When writing your business plan, one of the many aspects of your business plan that you will have to address, is the company mission statement. And if you do not have a mission statement at this point, you should probably prepare one right now as it does have value beyond a business plan as well. In fact this will prove to be something you can print on a nice plaque to be placed in your reception or on your website, the real value coming from image building every time it is used or read.