Amber Heard Recalls How James Franco Reacted to Her Facial Injuries

Amber Heard Recalls How James Franco Reacted to Her Facial Injuries

How to Reward, Incent, and Retain Your Cleaning Company’s Employees, Clients and Referral Sources

Looking for ways to reward and retain your employees, clients and referral sources? Here are several ideas.

Merchant Cash Advance for Salon Services

A cash advance is an easy alternative to a loan. Take advantage of your credit card processing history with the fast and convenient way to get the cash you need for your business.

End Small Business Loan Frustration: New Ways To Find Funding Without A Bank

Fed up with banks? You’re not alone! New legislation offers possible business funding relief. Take a step beyond microfinance and discover a promising new approach to raising funds for your startup or expanding business. Be informed and be alert to the potential benefits and potential hazards along the way…

Buying Groups – Why Aren’t More Available for Small-To-Mid Sized Businesses?

Buying groups should play a vital role in the sucess of small-to-mid sized businesses. How else can these businesses achieve the economies of scale of their larger competitors?

Performance Coaching and Open Communication in the Workplace

If you have the responsibility of managing employees, you know how delicate of a situation it can be to have to discuss poor behavior and performance issues. Employees can become defensive, and what began as a plan to improve their performance can suddenly backfire. What’s a manager to do?