Amber Heard Immediately Leaves Court After Stepping Down From the Stand

Amber Heard Immediately Leaves Court After Stepping Down From the Stand

The Business Plan Is Essential To Finding Financing And Success Of A Small Business

A recent article from the NY Times reported that undercapitalization or the lack of cash is one of the main reasons that most small businesses fail in the first five (5) years so financing should be one of the main considerations the entrepreneur needs to address when entering the business world.The report makes a depressing statement but you shouldn’t allow that deter you from starting your business if that is what you truly want to do. One of the companies that we work with has recently been able to obtain a total of over three hundred thousand dollars by hustling and not getting discouraged. Yeah; even in this economy they were able to procure financing!

Benefitting From Courier Services

Gaining an upper hand in the industry does not only involve producing high-quality items; it’s also necessary to ensure that they will be delivered in a timely and excellent condition straight to your clients. Many business owners nowadays prefer courier services over other means of delivery services because of the benefits they bring.

Improve Your Small Business Revenue With These Three Tips

For any size business, unpaid debts strangle cash flow. That in turn, can cause a whole raft of problems including paying bills, loss of investment capital and even in some cases, the end of a business. That’s why, chosen wisely, a collection agency can be a positive partner for your business.

To Have More, You Need to Be More

A client came to me recently saying that she had several big goals she wanted to achieve in a short period of time – including increasing her income substantially. We brainstormed several ideas and worked out a strategy she could begin to implement right away to attract more clients and ramp up her income. Her strategy included actions such as…

SWOT Analysis: Understanding Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

One of the planning tools I use for my business is the SWOT analysis. It’s a great tool to be familiar with, and it has many applications. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Here are some tips on how you might use it for your small business.