Amber Heard: I Spoke Truth to Power and I Paid the Price

Amber Heard: I Spoke Truth to Power and I Paid the Price

Small Business Versus Entrepreneurship – Is There a Difference?

Small business ownership and entrepreneurship are two business terms often regarded as synonymous. Interestingly, there is in fact a huge difference between these two. In summary, small business provides little growth and few opportunities for its owners and employees because it is not really designed for expansion.

Most Successful Family Business Secrets

Corporate America is in essence made up of family businesses. After all, is that what our capitalist economy stands for? True transformation into an empire takes years of trial and error, but something went right. Read on to find out the most successful family business secrets.

Good Health at Work: Five Quick Tips

When you’re running a business, or working long hours, or just trying to keep up with the demands of your family, regard for your own health can sometimes take a back seat. But without good health, you’re not going to be able to perform at peak levels. So what can you do to keep yourself healthy? Try these five quick tips.

If You Can’t Fix It, Don’t Worry About It – A Six-Step Solution for Sanity

Studies show that we worry most about things that are least likely to occur. Many people are frightened of flying, but the danger of car accidents far outweighs the likelihood of airline mishaps. After 9/11, our fear of being killed by terrorists skyrocketed, yet for those who do not live in a war zone, you’re still more likely to die in your own bathroom or in your own home from a fall or household accident.

Inventory Management Solutions for Small and Mid-Sized Business – Outsourcing Inventory Management

Growing SME’s (small and mid-sized enterprises) that are moving beyond the start-up stage often need to re-think ways on streamlining and improving operating efficiencies. In a product based business, this often means finding ways to more efficiently and effectively manage inventory. Finding ways to manage inventory more effectively can mean finding new ways to improve and organize warehouse space; invest in personnel training; or invest in software systems that provide ready reporting on key metrics and promote process improvement.