'Amber Heard Has Excellent Grounds to Appeal,' Heard's Attorney Says

‘Amber Heard Has Excellent Grounds to Appeal,’ Heard’s Attorney Says

Why I Hate an “Overnight Success”

Success takes hard work, and consistency. If you want to become an “overnight success” you have to be willing to work hard no matter how long it takes. Determination and hard-work are the things that deliver success.

Make Social Business Your Business!

Social business goals can add a lot of traction to your growing company. Inspire and retain consumers while helping some worthy social cause.

Organize Your Electronic Workspace

An often overlooked characteristic of an organized workspace is the filing system. Electronic and hard copy files need to be organized so that they can be retrieved quickly and with little to no guess-work. Knowing how to properly file your records will help you save time in storing and retrieving important documents.

Teaming With Others Often Strengthens Your Chances for Success

As the month of February begins, I turn the page on my “Motivations” calendar for 2012 and am greeted with a team of stampeding horses galloping along a snowy plain. Underneath the picture lies the following quote, “A dynamic team is unstoppable.” Certainly it would take a very brave soul to stand in front of this charge of majestic animals.

Using the Latest Technology to Schedule Plumbing Jobs

To remain competitive in today’s market, technology is no longer an option. Your competitors are using technology to schedule jobs and so should you. Software is even available that will allow your plumbers to access appointments from smart phones and laptops, saving your business time, money and most importantly just making your life simpler.