Amber Heard Diagnosed w/Borderline & Histrionic Personality Disorders by Psychologist

Amber Heard Diagnosed w/Borderline & Histrionic Personality Disorders by Psychologist

Solving Your Most Pressing Business Problems – Part One

This article will discuss ways to get your current customers to spend more money. As a small business you have many responsibilities, sales is one area where the rubber meets the road and any help you can find will increase your bottom line. This is part one of four articles that will help you increase your sales and increase your business.

Solving Your Most Pressing Business Problems – Part Four

How can you increase your bottom line if your expenses are fixed and raising your prices may drive the customers away? I will discuss some helpful tips in this article on how to increase your bottom line.

What Are The Benefits Of A Clear Roadmap, A Robust Plan And Cash Flow Management For SME’s?

Strategy, planning and reporting are tools which are routinely used in large businesses, while they are perhaps grudgingly acknowledged in SMEs. Resistance comes from the effort and cost involved, and not least, perceived benefits. Here are 5 features of the process you may be overlooking.

The Art of Managing Customer Agreements – From The SME Adviser

The offering of credit should be considered thoroughly as the process often invites slow payment, bad debts and associated costs of legal action in the recovery process. So if you do business on credit, creating clear agreements and sticking with them is just plain good sense. “On matters of faith, the word may be acceptable, but everything else, get in writing”. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to commercial contracts, performance, and payment. Here is a check list.

3 Big Benefits Of Using Social Media In Your Business

Everyone spends some time in a day browsing the internet and the social sites. Businesses, especially small businesses, seem to have noticed this and taken advantage of the large number of people in social platforms. Most businesses now use social media to promote and market its products and services as well as to interact with its existing and potential customers. Many businesses are creating their social accounts and pages in the platforms, from which users can access and learn more about the specific business.