Amber Heard Claims She Did Not Want To Name Johnny Depp in Her Op-Ed

Amber Heard Claims She Did Not Want To Name Johnny Depp in Her Op-Ed

Growing Your Small Business With A Joint Venture Partner

Let’s Talk About… The first step in looking for a joint venture partner is to ask yourself, what resources do I need to grow my business? Once you are clear on what you need, start thinking about what you are willing  give to your  partner in return for their resources.

9 Things That Hinder Business Growth

Small business growth takes strategy and strong leadership. Some new business owners achieve a certain level of success, sit back and fail to do what is necessary to grow their business.

Top 3 Feasible Offline Business Opportunities

Do you need some extra income to pay some of your bills? Don’t know how to earn using the internet? Why not find any business opportunities offline? You can walk around town or ask people if they know some ventures you can go into.

Finding Wholesale BJJ Gis: The Key to Saving With Your Jiu Jitsu Business

Whether you own your own store, gym or you manage your own Jiu Jitsu fight team, it is important that you emphasize quality when it comes to fighting gear and products. For the many people looking for wholesale BBJ Gis online or in their local community; understanding quality can sometimes be difficult; especially with all of the different options available when it comes to quality BBJ Gis. This is why there are a few things you will want to keep in mind when it comes to buying this type of gear to make sure that you are getting the right…

How Unions and Small Businesses Clash in Our Economy

Most people do not see small businesses and unions as adversaries in our free-market economy, however from a philosophical standpoint and from 30 years in business, observing what goes on, I think I disagree. I think there is some almost direct competition between the unions and small businesses and I’d like to explain some of my thoughts over the years and present this information for you to consider. If you have a few moments I’d like to discuss this.