Amber Heard Bombarded Johnny Depp with Texts After He Asked For Space

Amber Heard Bombarded Johnny Depp with Texts After He Asked For Space

The Choice

Recently my business-sense was thrown for a loop. I had a discussion with a colleague about marketing efforts and how frustrated she was that she wasn’t seeing the increase in sales that she desired. A day or so later I had a conversation with a woman that I mentor about how great her business was growing, but how she still felt like she couldn’t reach the level of success that she was seeking. And then I talked with a wonderful Christian businessman who told me all about the success he was seeing in his business – he has been given awards by his company, all kinds of accolades and even an expensive car. And yet he was still straining toward the ever-moving target of success.

Start Solving Any Business Problem in 10 Minutes or Less

Problems are a part of business. In fact, one of my favorite things is solving problems and finding creative solutions for my own business as well as my clients’ businesses. Problems are also a part of life.

3 Motivation Tips for Small Business Leaders

In order for your business to knock it out of the park, you need motivated and hungry employees. You say “sure, I know that,” but do you know how to get their juices flowing? It’s easy for your stars. You just give them the tools they need, and remove obstacles that get in their way. Simple! What do you do with the rest of the team? Those who need more motivation? Here are three easy motivation tips you can use for your team.

Leadership 101 for Small Business Owners: Don’t Throw Employees Under the Bus

As a business owner you are the leader of your team. You are ultimately responsible for what they do, or in some instances fail to do. Your team is more than likely comprised of real people, humans and not machines. Mistakes will happen from time to time; no one is perfect. Mistakes are embarrassing, humbling, yet they are opportunities that present themselves for learning, and growing to occur. If you take the time to analyze what happened or did not happen to cause one of those opportunities to present themselves; you can then design a strategy to ensure it does not happen again. No matter what you as the leader, and business owner, must take full responsibility for what took place. You do not throw your employees under the bus to make yourself look better or seem as though you are without blame.

Where Is Your Business Headed?

A radio announcer on one of the local stations ends his daily program in an unusual way that goes something like this; the past is gone and you can’t predict the future, but today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present. It’s not really where you come from or even how you got here. What is the most important thing is where you are headed. So, as a small business owner ask yourself this; where is my business right now and which direction do I want it to head?