Amber Heard Blames Dogs For Pooping on Johnny Depp's Bed During Her Testimony

Amber Heard Blames Dogs For Pooping on Johnny Depp’s Bed During Her Testimony

Your Sign: The First Impression of Your Business

Your sign is a way of advertising your business. It is the first thing that many people see. Since first impressions are so important, it is crucial that your sign not only positively represents your business, but is also visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

Voting for the Small Business

It is just around the corner, no not the pharmacy, the national election. In fact, I just got back from early voting. There were a lot of voters and voting machines. The process was fairly painless. As a small business owner you have the right and the obligation to vote for the candidate who will help your business survive or at least will not create road blocks that cause you to stumble and fall.

How Coaching Can Improve Your Small Business: Communication Styles and Systems

To the CEO the most difficult aspect of running the workplace had become the varying interpersonal styles of those involved. He was frustrated by how different personalities meshed and created friction, impacting productivity and morale. We identified this workplace as a good place to work and do business, with a great product and an efficient system of production and delivery. It was a good company that wanted to be better. He hired a coach to help make that happen.

Why Chip And PIN Is The Way To Go For Small Businesses

For years small businesses have been accepting card payments. Now the opportunity is greater than ever for small and even mobile businesses to accept card payments.

How A Virtual Assistant Helps You Generate Sales Leads

Generating sales leads are very important in operating a business. It is a marketing strategy used to attract prospective clients who will later on patronize your business.