Amber Heard Allegedly Called Johnny Depp an Old Fat Man Says Sister

Amber Heard Allegedly Called Johnny Depp an Old Fat Man Says Sister

How to Stop Cloning Unsuccessful Businesses

What makes you different? One thing that makes humans amazing is that there are not (and never have been) two people that are exactly alike. Try matching your fingerprints or dental impressions to anyone who has ever lived. It’s impossible!

Asset Protection for Entrepreneurs

Certain business owners, in varying industries and professions, are more concerned with getting sued and losing everything they have. They are looking for asset protection – how to protect their personal assets in the event they lose a lawsuit. Although some types of businesses get sued more than others, you don’t know when or if it will happen to you. It makes sense to take some precautions.

Common Traits of Embezzlers – Keep Your Small Business Safe

Embezzlers also known as swindlers, frauds, thieves, pilfers, fraudsters, cheats, etc are everywhere these days. You will find them in both in homes, small and big businesses, religious and non-governmental and organizations. Embezzlers will kill your business if you allow them. As a security professional, I discovered that many organizations see security as an after-thought. At other times, business owners only remember security after they are attacked.

3 Reason You Should Use A Credit Union For Your Business Loan Needs

Bank turned you down for a business loan? Did you know that there may be another local financial institution that is more likely to say yes?

How to Start Your Own Business Step by Step

In times of economic instability, starting your own business might seem a crazy idea, but many times it actually works. Before setting out on your journey towards self-employment, there a few things you need to take into account when planning to start your own business in the UK.