Amber Heard Addresses Poop in the Bed Story (L&C Daily)

Amber Heard Addresses Poop in the Bed Story (L&C Daily)

10 Small-Business Start-Up Mistakes To Avoid

What are some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting out? Here is a list of ten of the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make when starting their business. Although mistakes made can be our greatest teacher, they can be time-consuming and costly. So here I want to share with you my hard-earned experiences and the insight I gained from my own lapses in business judgment.

Why Am I Not Allowed to Take Credit for the Success In My Own Company?

You know, it’s unfortunate that we too quickly call people into check when they have an earned ego. You see, there’s a difference between an earned ego and an unearned ego. When you start a company, build it up, and work your little rear off until it is successful you have every right to take credit for that success. If you are an athlete, as I was previously in high school and college and you train every single day, often beating your body into oblivion just to compete – when you win you should be able to take credit for that success.

Why You Need a Guarantee and How to Write One

Given it’s so easy to buy virtually anything from multiple sources, it has never been more important to help people to buy from you rather than from someone else. It’s no use at all offering great value and service because most businesses offer those, or say they do. And trying to compete on price is a slippery slope because there is always someone who will charge less. There’s usually only one winner of that game and that’s the one with the deepest pockets. An alternative is to offer a guarantee. Here’s how to write one.

Tips – Age Matters in Product Development

When you’re thinking of reaching a certain audience with your how-to information, yes, your audience’s age matters, starting with the specific content and then focusing on the delivery method you use. Of course the information must be relevant, first and foremost.

Funding Your Business

Many of us have nice little business going but we just can’t seem to get enough money to get it to the next level. Or, some may have a great idea to start a business, but just don’t know how to find the money to live and do all the things necessary to get it going. “If I only had the money, I could get my business to where it should be and become extremely successful. ” Have you ever said this to yourself? I have, and I have heard many others whine that they do not, or ever will have, enough money to get it started or get it to the next level. Then we just sit around and lament that we will never get the money, so why even try.