Allegedly Murdered By Her Older Cousin - The Lily Peters Story (True Crime Documentary)

Allegedly Murdered By Her Older Cousin – The Lily Peters Story (True Crime Documentary)

Can A Business Mentor Really Help Your Business Achieve Profits?

You bet your buns a business mentor can help your business achieve profits! In fact without one, your business is more likely to fail. The odds are stacked against a new business owner without one because everything is new to them and they don’t know what it takes to build a profitable business.

Small Businesses – Consider Getting a Business Coach

Most businesses started out small, until they develop into big companies and co-operations. Along the way, business owners picked up lessons from real life experience and mentors who have been in the business for some time. Business coaching is important since it offers business owners guidance on how to successful run their businesses.

6 Steps to Improve Profits Through Business Process Redesign

Today the business landscape is constantly changing. With internet applications such as social media and company web sites, potential buyers are leveraging their shared knowledge and demanding faster service and lower product prices. Consumers can be fickle so the business owner faces the challenge of reacting quickly to these pressures while dealing with relatively fixed product and labor costs.

3 Ways to Fail This Year (and How Not to)

It is the New Year and a new wave of enthusiasm to make a difference in your life has come over you. If there is ever a time you feel a metaphorical kick up the ass to start making changes it is after the new year’s eve hang over has died down and you are looking towards the commencing year. However, sometimes it appears like we can’t help but get in our own way in actually achieving what we set out to do.

A Commercial Cleaning Business: Is Owning One Right for You?

  Let’s be honest, most people either do not enjoy or have the time for cleaning their business. What’s more important, however, is that cleaning, both general and specialized, is done. The vast majority of businesses employ outside companies to handle this necessary task for them.