Alleged Cult Victim Testifies That She Attempted Suicide (Lawrence Ray Trial)

Alleged Cult Victim Testifies That She Attempted Suicide (Lawrence Ray Trial)

Preparing for a Visit From Commercial Painting Contractors

Read this article and learn about what to expect when you hire commercial painting contractors. Get tips on what to do to prepare for their visit.

Why We Need a Mobile Small Business Portal Website for Future Entrepreneurs

It seems as manufacturing jobs have migrated to other countries and as retail jobs have been slowing due to online sales that more and more jobs are in the service business. Having participated in this sector during my career as an entrepreneur I noticed the need for consultants and advice. When starting a service business there is much to learn and more often than not, you cannot find it in an MBA class. So what is a start-up service entrepreneur to do, considering they will probably start by working out of their home and going to the client’s home or business to do the work?

Booklet Tips – Promote Client Success

How inclined are you to promote your clients’ success? Some coaches and consultants have done so for years and it works great for them. Others have not considered doing it, feel they cannot appropriately do so, or have specifically been restricted from citing anyone by company or individual name

Bottle Labellers Are Available for All Sizes of Manufacturing Units

Labels on a container are the most underrated piece of marketing ever. The labels on a container are the largest and most eye-catching piece of brand marketing that you will find on a bottle or a container containing any liquid.

Don’t Become a Small Business Owner “Statistic”

There is a pathway to not only stay alive but thrive as a small business owner. If you possess the road-map and have the help and resources by your side to take the steps necessary, in the proper sequence and order, it can be done. This has been positively proven by many business owners who have been able to turn the corner and begin to reach the original ideal, the reason they went into the venture in the first place. Their all important “why”… Do you remember your “why?”… Why you decided to take the challenging step in the first place?