Alex Jones Defamation Trial: Sandy Hook 'Hoax' Lawsuit - Day Four, Part Two

Alex Jones Defamation Trial: Sandy Hook ‘Hoax’ Lawsuit – Day Four, Part Two

Strategies For a Small Business

This is a comprehensive guide that really does use plain English to explain a lot of obtuse steps and pitfalls that new business ventures often face. Don’t start your next business until you read this report.

5 Steps to Reduce Waste From Your Business and Cut Costs

The cost of waste to businesses is ever-increasing. With more and more stringent environmental regualtions and taxation driving waste costs higher, businesses must now take stock and manage their waste in ways that reduce their costs. This article outlines five keys steps for a busines to take to reduce the cost of waste and add to the bottom line.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Craft Shows

As an artist or vendor, you will find that you need to attend craft shows and festivals of all types. If you are just beginning your career as an artist and a craft show vendor, you may be wondering which is better to take part in, the indoor or the outdoor craft show. To answer that question, we will need to compare each. Take a moment to consider each type of show and think of both the positives and the negatives of each. Once you have done this comparison, then you will be able to see your answer.

How To Get 20 New Customers For Your Small Business In The Next 30 Days

If you are starting a new business or just trying to get more customers for your business, we first need to overcome the one major obstacle to our marketing – and that is us. Find out how to overcome the number one obstacle to your marketing and tap into the 7 keys to getting 20 new customers in the next 30 days.

‘Tis the Season – Fairs and Festival Trends for 2011

For crafters and vendors who make their living offering their artwork at craft shows, fairs and festivals, there is much to be learned about trends and expectations each year in order to make the most of each event. By keeping aware of what is expected to be popular, both in handmade items and sales methods, you can make sure that your artwork has a step up over the competition. You will need to consider the upcoming trends for craft fairs, shows and festivals and you will need to learn how you can use those trends to make your events more successful than they ever have been before. You may find that some of these trends will work well for your own artwork. If you choose, you can take advantage of knowing what will be popular this year and tailor your artwork and sales habits to meet. Here are some of the 2011 trends that you will need to know and know how to use in your favor.