Alabama Police Officer Accidently Shoots Partner While Trying to Shoot Attacking Pit Bull

Alabama Police Officer Accidently Shoots Partner While Trying to Shoot Attacking Pit Bull

Business Credit Builder Services – What to Look For

Building business credit is a must in today’s economy. Let me ask you this question; How to you financially check out a company (if they are private)? Can you call the IRS and get their last three years tax returns? No. Can you call the bank and pull their last three months of bank statements? No. But you can spend $40 -$130 at Dun & Bradstreet┬« and pull a business credit report on your next vendor, joint venture partner, supplier or customer and check them out first.

Cheap Business Loans?

Every business owner is looking for cheap business loans. But, what really is a cheap business loan? It might not have to do so much with the interest rate as you think.

Four Reasons Business Videos Fail – And How to Make Yours Work

There are many great reasons for you or your business to be on YouTube…and many good reasons not to. Make sure you’re not making these Four Crucial Mistakes before you put a video out to YouTube’s two billion daily viewers!

Have You Lost The Fire In Your Gut? Workout The Guaranty!

It happens, we see it more often then we would care to. Small business owners, beaten senseless by reduced revenues and increased overhead, plagued by having to let go of trusted long-term employees who were dependent on them and whose livelihoods are now at great risk, with loans, accounts payable, and credit cards all in arrears and in jeopardy, with no idea how to pay them off… and on it goes.

Tips for Those Entering or Already in Business With Family or Friends

Mixing family and business – there’s a lot of experts that advice against it, yet there are numerous success stories that emphasize the benefits. Maybe you’ve decided to start a business with your brother and a best bud from college. You’ve heard all the horror stories of mixing business with pleasure, but are determined to be an exception to the rule. Or perhaps you’re already partners with a friend or family member but you skipped having “the talk” when you first got into the business. Whatever the situation, here are some tips for those entering into business – or already in business – with family or friends.