"After Amber's Op-Ed It Was Impossible To Get Johnny Depp a Movie Role" Says Talent Manager

“After Amber’s Op-Ed It Was Impossible To Get Johnny Depp a Movie Role” Says Talent Manager

Green Deal-ing Out a Fair Share for All

We are in a period of change. The way we use, buy and produce energy is changing and has to change. The Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is about changing the UK’s building stock to be more energy efficient – both domestic and commercial – so it is important that small businesses get a slice of the action and don’t miss out.

Tips for Starting a Business

Choosing a name is probably one of the hardest decisions you will make for your business, after all once the decision is made you’re more or less stuck with it. So where can you find inspiration? These ideas may help:

Maximizing Your Business Assets

Maximizing assets? What does that mean? Your business assets account much more than *just* revenue or credit. Your business assets include your website, your content, your programs, your relationships, your reputation, the goodwill and credibility you’ve accumulated. It encompasses everything that your business is.

Finding The Best Online And Computer Games

Many of the younger people these days play games. They would like to participate in online games or network games. It is a common trend in the world because of internet popularity.

Leasing Vs. Buying an Office Space: Choosing the Better Option

Should you buy an office space or would you benefit more from leasing or renting an office space instead? Don’t make a decision before you get a chance to read this article.