Adventures with Purpose Discusses Solving Decades-Long Missing Persons Cold Cases

Adventures with Purpose Discusses Solving Decades-Long Missing Persons Cold Cases

Porter’s Five Forces and Strategic Analysis for Small Businesses

In a three level pyramid of strategy analysis tools, Porter’s Five Forces is in the foundation level. Porter’s model examines the attractiveness of an industry by examining the subforces at play and understanding their impact on your strategy. For a small business, it can help answer the question of whether or not to enter the market.

How a Business Coach Works With a Leader to Transform a Business From the Top Down

The first step is always gaining an understanding of where you are and where you want to go. Without goals and a plan or road map to achieve those targets, a business has no clear direction.

Electrical Consultancy, Contracting Services and APC Equipment Support – Need of Rising Urbanization

Seeing the high potential in this sector, many companies have come up with expertise in the areas of Electrical Consultancy, Handling of Turnkey Projects as well as in manufacturing, sales & services of APC equipment. This comprises CPM (Continuous Particulate Monitors) CPM 700, CPM 750 (Opacity Monitor), CPM5001 (Opacity monitor), CPM5003 (opacity Monitor), Voltage Controls, Acoustic Horns, Variable Inductance Current Limiting Reactors VI CLR, ESP (Electrostatic precipitator), Juice Can, WinDAC and others. The companies operating in this sector are well backed by services of experienced industry professionals that assist them in providing competitive Electrical Consultancy and Contracting Services for…

Five Important Points On The Cloud And How To Cloud Watch To See If It’s For You And Your Business

What is the ‘cloud?’ This is a great question. In this article I am going to talk through five main points about what the cloud is and why you might be interested in watching it. In a nutshell the cloud is the internet. So what is ‘cloud watching’? I am using this term to say ‘finding out about the cloud and keeping your eye on what’s happening in the world of internet services’.

The Small Business of Training: An Ongoing Challenge

There are many challenges associated with providing skills training to your employees. Each challenge involves investment of not only dollars but also, time and effort. And in some cases, employees may not want to invest time away from their job to be trained on processes, skills, legislated and regulatory procedures, and professional development. Training budgets average less than 2% of payroll. If your business is 20 employees or less, chances are fairly good that you do not even have a training budget, or if you do, it is small. Studies show skilled employees are more engaged in their work, productive, and perform better. They are focused on delivering products and services to customers as effectively and efficiently as possible. To ensure this level of productivity and performance, you should have a business culture where training is treated as a business process (rather than a variable expense) requiring ongoing investment to realize ongoing returns.