Actor Kevin Spacey Faces Five Counts of Sexual Assault in U.K.

Actor Kevin Spacey Faces Five Counts of Sexual Assault in U.K.

Quick Cash Flow Secrets for Small Business Owners

Betty was up all night tossing and turning in bed, unable to get to sleep. She had a pile of unpaid bills in her business and less than a month of operating cash flow in her bank account. Her landlord threatened to throw her out if she is still unable to make payment for her rent this month. For the past two months, Betty survived on food found at her local 99 cent store. Well for anyone who has ever run a small business, you know that cash flow is king. So when you are faced with a similar situation like Betty’s, how do you create an immediately cash flow from your small business to tide you through times like this?

People Management Training Is Essential for Every Manager

Every Manager should learn to manage people at work. The very definition of a Manager, that is a manager is a person who gets things done by others – underline the previous statement. A Manager who is able to get best from its people is considered to be a successful Manager.

3 Great Ways iPads Help Improve PT Clinics

The introduction of the iPad in April 2010 has helped revolutionize the way healthcare professionals perform their daily tasks. Allowing for mobility, easier access to online physical therapy software programs, and more interactive patient education, this relatively new tablet has helped improve PT clinics everywhere. Although it may not be the solution to everything, it is much less intimidating for patients than a stack of paper or a desktop computer. Here are three great benefits that physical therapy clinics can gain from using PT software programs on an iPad.

Coaching for Action: A Framework for Making Profitable Small Business Expense Decisions

Small business owners face many daily expense challenges. How much should they spend marketing their products and services? Do they need a website? What about utilizing Social Media to generate sales? Should they hire employees or subcontractors? Should they invest in technology? And many, many more questions and many, many decisions to be made. The ‘Coaching for Action’ framework is a tool to help small business owners make these decisions.

Sales, Self-Evaluation, and the Evolution of Leadership

How closely should entrepreneurs involve themselves with sales? We tend to encounter this question when small businesses experience enough growth to undergo structural changes, like hiring specialized employees and subdividing into departments. Such changes represent a major developmental leap in the small-business life cycle, and they have the best effect when they’re shaped by owners’ self-evaluations.