Accused Murderer Alex Murdaugh's 911 Call After His Wife, Son Were Shot

Accused Murderer Alex Murdaugh’s 911 Call After His Wife, Son Were Shot

Internet Marketing for Small Business – The Key Barriers of Marketing and Selling Online

Find out the main barriers of marketing and selling online and what stands in your way of executing your internet marketing for small business plan here. Read on for more information.

Before You Launch Your Small Business, Read This

People start small businesses for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps, they have a passion for something and wish to share that passion with the world. Maybe, they are stuck in a job they feel will lead them nowhere, and they have a great desire to escape it. Many people want to be their own boss- to set their own hours and do their own thing. Others see a need for a particular item or service and decide that they are the perfect person to fill the vacuum. Oftentimes, people just desire a change in life and figure that a career switch and a small business launch is just the thing to fulfill that wish.

Being Your Own Boss – Good or Bad?

One of the biggest benefits to owning a small business, many people think, is being your own boss. These people, not small business owners themselves but instead tethered to an employer, sit in their cubicles and dream of the day when they, free of their arrogant bosses, will be able to set their own schedules and be subject to no one else’s whims but their own. The dream becomes even more alluring the more demanding their bosses become and the longer hours they are required to put in. The more of their children’s soccer games and recitals they miss, the more they fantasize about breaking free from their bosses’ clutches.

Avoid Burnout and the Harm It Will Do To Your Small Business

Many small businesses are born of the passion of their owners. They build a business based on one of their hobbies (woodworking or crafts) or great loves (such as sports or coffee). This passion drives them to find a way to make money doing what they love. The coffee lover starts a coffee shop and is surrounded by coffee day in and day out, from sunup to sundown. The woodworker makes cabinets, shelves, dressers and beds non-stop, loving the smell and the feel of the wood. Their passion becomes their life. How can life get any better? This is great – for the first few months or so. Their euphoria may even last a few years or so. However, at some point typically, they will burn out. They live, breathe, eat and drink their passion 24 hours a day, and at some point, it just becomes too much. It is no longer fun – it is instead work.

Coping With Emergencies – The Survival of Your Small Business

You have started a small business and are experiencing success with it beyond your wildest dreams. You are doing what you love and enjoying being your own boss and setting your own schedule. Then, the unthinkable happens – you or a family member are in an awful car wreck with injuries that require a hospital stay and lengthy recovery time, perhaps, or maybe one of your children gets ill and you find yourself going to multiple doctors’ visits. The small business owner, often, is the only one running the show, and when he or she finds himself suddenly out of commission, it can call the very survival of that business into question.