Accused Fourth of July Parade Shooter Appears in Court, Contemplated Second Mass Shooting

Accused Fourth of July Parade Shooter Appears in Court, Contemplated Second Mass Shooting

Certified Business Coach

Everyone needs some guidance now and then, this is also true for businesses. It isn’t necessary to hire an expensive certified business coach to assist you in running or expanding your business. This article will hopefully be useful in providing some guidelines for you to search for the best certified business coach, which will suit your individual needs and cater to your business.

Small Businesses Should Eye Opportunities on Government Procurement

Though they are called small businesses, they are able to provide huge contributions to the economy of the United States. They provide jobs to more than 50 percent of the workforce in the private sector.

Refurbishing Your Retail Strategy

Scared to upgrade your systems in a recession? You can’t afford not to.

Software for Business: When Not to Buy

There are some things we all wish we had never purchased. That Yugo. The HD DVD player. That house in Florida. I’m also betting that Joe, a client of mine, will one day wish he never bought the software I just sold him. True story: Earlier this month we sold one of our customer relationship management (CRM) applications to someone I’ll call Joe, who owns a 20-person company that makes specialty equipment parts. Joe’s software purchase will cost him about $10,000. He’ll probably spend another $5,000-$10,000 with my firm for services, including installation, training, and making sure it works with his existing systems. That’s a lot of money for a small business owner. But Joe’s convinced it’ll be a good investment. I’ve been around long enough to know two things for certain: Paris Hilton’s My New BFF will never win an Emmy. And Joe’s new CRM system will fail miserably.

8 Business Pitfalls to Avoid

How can you increase your chances of achieving business success? By winning the lottery or inheriting oodles of money? Whether you are an established entrepreneur or you are just starting out in business you need to realise and accept that there is no quick fire road to success. However when you take steps to avoid the cracks (pitfalls) in the footpath you stand a better chance of paving your way to business success.