911 Call of Florida Woman Accused of Fatally Stabbing Her Husband

911 Call of Florida Woman Accused of Fatally Stabbing Her Husband

Three Tips for How To Start a Small House Cleaning Business

Thinking of starting your own business as a house cleaner? Here are three tips you should know about before you go into business. There’s also useful information here for those who want to specialize in something, like foreclosure cleanup.

2011 Holiday Credit Card Processing Hits New Heights

Credit card spending rose during the 2011 holiday season, sending credit card processing into overdrive. Find out why here.

Plan to Grow Your Small Business in 2012

If you’re tempted by the growth bug, the first priority is to take a close look at your business and decide whether you really want to expand. If you love what you do and your business, at its current size, meets all of your needs, there may be no reason to expand. However, if you do want to increase capacity, customers and sales, there’s no time like the beginning of a new year to kick it into gear. Here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself to ride the winds of change.

The Wealthy Retiree – Is This A Good Time To Start A Business?

Did you know that many super successful businesses have been started during economic downturns? Hyatt, Burger King, IHOP, The Jim Henson Company, Microsoft, and even MTV was started during an economic downturn. These are very successful businesses that started on a wing and a prayer with low start up costs, even in the garage of a parent’s home, and are now recognized the world over just by their name.

3 Tips to Make Your Vision for 2012 a REALITY

Hopefully you have a vision for 2012. Your vision might be what your business will look like or what your home life will look life, maybe both. Whatever it is, here are 3 Tips to Make Your Vision a Reality. Simply having a vision won’t make it a reality, having a simple plan WILL!