75 Guns Seized with 161 Arrested at Panama City Beach Takeover (L&C Daily)

75 Guns Seized with 161 Arrested at Panama City Beach Takeover (L&C Daily)

Booklet Tips – Too Late for Year-End?

You came up with a great idea to end the year by sharing your expertise, and there’s not enough time left to get it out in print as a year-end gift. It’s really fabulous and you’re so excited, yet you know the timing is off. What can you do and still maintain the value and benefit from the timing? It’s such great information, yet for one reason or another, it just didn’t happen to get it written, edited, designed, printed, and delivered in hard copy so it stays around for months to come.

Importance of Small Business Startups

There are a number of reasons why you should start your own business. Who doesn’t like being their own boss? Although you don’t technically have to “report” into a superior manager, you need to have the proper business and management skills to be able to work as your own boss and run a successful business.

Big Banks Shun Small Business

Large banks are backing away from small business loans. Smaller institutions cannot fill the gap.

Starting a Cleaning Service – Negative Customer Profile

This article is part of the series that shows how to start a cleaning service on a budget. In this article a profile of negative customers is shown and explained. Furthermore, reader learns how to avoid these types of clients and if that is not possible how to ensure the situation remains profitable for his or her cleaning service.

Booklet Tips – After the First of the Year

Are you looking at January as a time to hit the re-set button on your business in some way? Maybe you view the turn of the year as where “someday” lives, for things you’ve wanted to get done and have yet to accomplish. Or you might be mapping out your time to ensure that you do, in fact, convert intentions to reality. You could be closer to that reality than you realize.